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1. Parameters of water quality and drinking water standards in Vietnam

The measurements of the water quality, such as turbidity, pH, and temperature,TDS, heavy metals, turbidity, total nitrogen.
According to regulations of the Ministry of Health, direct drinking water, bottled or bottled in Vietnam, needs to meet QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT standards. For domestic water, the Ministry of Health has also issued detailed regulations, complying with QCVN 01-1:2018/BYT.

2. What are the drinking water test criteria?

There are currently 18 standard drinking water test requirements. Besides, 13 physicochemical parameters as well as 5 microbiological criteria are included. The Pasteur Institute accepts samples for assessing the purity of drinking water.

3. TDS requirements and harmful myths

Total dissolved solids are referred to by the index TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). TDS will vary depending on the type of water. TDS will be less than 1000 ppm (1000 mg/l) in domestic water. TDS levels for drinking water should be under 500 ppm (500 mg/l).
Harmful assumptions about the TDS index include:
+ The higher the TDS the water is more contaminated: This is a false impression. Because there will be more dissolved solids in the water the higher the TDS. There will be both helpful and dangerous solids in the total amount of dissolved solids, though. As a result, it is impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the water is dirty despite the high TDS.
+ Water with a TDS of 0 should not be consumed since low TDS level does not guarantee user safety. The ideal TDS range for drinking water is between 100 and 300 ppm.


4. What is a water purifier? Why should you buy a water purifier? What to pay attention to when buying a water filter?

Water purifier is a product line that applies filtration technology to clean water to a certain standard. Membrane filters (RO, UF, etc.) and other materials are included in filter technology.
The greatest method to protect your health and the health of your family is to purchase a water purifier. In addition, the water purifier is a practical item that can be utilized right away, saving money over time.
Some factors should consider while purchasing Water purifier:
+ When treating phosphate water, extremely hard water, or low water pressure, choose a RO water filter.
+ While the Nano / UF series does not utilize energy, the RO water purifier does.
+ The Nano/UF water purifier series doesn't utilize energy, a pump, or a pressure vessel, and it doesn't waste water either. Particularly, it produces less errors than the RO series.

5. What types of water purifiers are there?

Water purifiers must be categorized based on a wide range of variables. These are some typical categories for water purifiers:
+ Filter technology: Nano, RO, UF,...
+ Filter capacity: small capacity filter, semi-industrial, industrial,...
+ Origin: China, Vietnam, Russia, Korea,...
+ Uses: direct drinking, daily life, production,...
+ Number of taps: 1 tap, 2 taps, 3 taps,...
+ Water temperature: hot - cold - cold, hot - cold,...

6. How to choose a quality water purifier?

You should take into account a number of considerations while buying a water filter, including:
+ Current needs: use water for daily life, drink directly, ... need to use less or more
+ Filter technology: depending on the features and needs, choosing a water purifier with suitable filtration technology such as coarse filter, material filter, Nano filter or RO filter, ...
+ Water source: well water, tap water,...
+ Location of installation it: kitchen, dining table, living room,...
+ Consider reputable brands and prices that are suitable for economic conditions

7. What is the lifespan of the water purifier and the water filter core?

Most water purifiers last for longer than five years. Nevertheless, depending on the water source, you must periodically replace the filter element, which should be done every 6 to 10 months.
The service life varies depending on the type of water filter element. The lifespan of the present water filter core is typically between six and twenty-four months.

8. Which brand of water purifier is reputable?

Several trustworthy water purifier manufacturers exist today, including Livingcare, Kangaroo, Karofi, Coway,...

9. What is the water filter power capacity?

The capacity of the water filter will vary depending on its type. The typical capacity of modern water purifiers is 10 liters per hour.


10. What are the benefits when buying a water purifier with an alkaline filter at Livingcare Việt Nam?

When you buy our alkaline filter, you will be assured of the safety of you and your family. Because the alkaline level will be set at 8.7 pH. This is an indicator that is in the healthy and best range for consumers.

11. What types of filters does Livingcare Việt Nam use? Is it safe for consumers?

The type of filter Livingcare Việt Nam often uses is the alkaline filter with the best safety for consumers. At the same time, combined with RO filtration technology, removing impurities, dirt and giving pure water.

12. How long do the filters at Livingcare Việt Nam last?

The filters at Livingcare Việt Nam usually have a shelf life of about 12 months.


13. What is the retail price of the Living Care’s filter system and is the alkaline filter included?

The Livingcare filtration system presently costs VND 25,800,000 at retail, which includes an alkaline filter. Yet the item is currently on sale for VND 15, 800,000.

14. What can I expect when visiting a Livingcare Việt Nam store?

You will directly visit our genuine store in Vietnam. Address 255 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 14, District 3, HCMC. Here, you will be consulted by Livingcare Việt Nam staff in detail about quality water purifiers and filter cores. In particular, they will enthusiastically respond to your questions about the products we provide.

15. If I buy online, will I be able to see a demo after installing the product?

For online purchases, Livingcare Việt Nam will bring staff to your home to install the product for you. And they will show you how the water purifier works and guide you to use the product properly.


16. Is there any discount for the first purchase?

Livingcare will guarantee to maintain and repair products on site, free of charge within 1 year of our first purchase.

17. What payment methods are accepted at Livingcare Việt Nam?

There will be 2 options for purchasing : cash payment, or bank transfer.

18. How is the delivery fee for orders determined?

All orders in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City are free of charge. Other nearby areas and provinces have delivery fees based on the number of kilometers of the receiving address.

19. How long is the delivery time at Livingcare Việt Nam?

Within 3 days of Livingcare confirming your order, you will receive the goods.

20. Is your customer's information secure when buying products at Livingcare Việt Nam?

Absolutely, Livingcare Việt Nam will maintain the confidentiality of all information that consumers supply. We will be held legally accountable if we reveal it to a third party.

21. How long is the product warranty?

Products of Livingcare Việt Nam will be warranted to customers for a period of 12 months.

22. How do I know if a purchased product is under warranty?

In this case, you can contact Livingcare Việt Nam's customer care phone number: 0707904050. You just need to read the phone number and serial code of the machine for our staff to check the product warranty.

23. When needing support, how to contact Livingcare Việt Nam?

Contact Livingcare Việt Nam at this number if you require assistance: 0815 352 607, or you can visit our shop directly at 255 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 14, District 3, HCMC.

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