Featured on CNA: Here’s how to make drinking water taste better

You aren’t dreaming if you’ve been feeling warmer than usual. According to a recent CNA report, Singapore is now almost 1 degree Celsius hotter than it was in the 1950s. Additionally, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore, the tiny red dot is warming up twice as quickly as the rest of the world.

Besides having to deal with constant perspiration, living in a hot and humid environment can make your body work harder to cool itself down. Thus, it’s crucial to get your required eight glasses of water each day, which is so important especially when the temperature soars.

Hydrating your body has many benefits, from maintaining a functional digestive system and preventing kidney damage to simply keeping you healthy and comfortable.  And now that more people are working and studying from home, it’s a good idea to develop the habit of reaching for a calorie-free glass of water throughout the day rather than sweetened juices and soft beverages to stay hydrated.

Why filtered water?

To make drinking water more enjoyable for all in the family, homegrown health and wellness company LivingCare offers a wide variety of easy-to-install, easy-to-use alkaline water filter dispensers.

The fact that filtered water is flavor and odor free makes it more palatable.  Filtered water also eliminates chlorine, which when combined with organic compounds gives water a foul taste. Alkaline water proponents also assert that it has health advantages, including balancing the body’s pH and serving as a detoxifier.

According to a report from an independent laboratory that LivingCare had commissioned, their filtered alkaline water meets with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for safe drinking water.

Easy to install and even easier to swap

According to LivingCare, its filter dispensers are the first motorless and tankless water dispensers in Singapore. Also, the dispensers may be set up in as little as an hour, providing you with alkaline water that tastes great practically immediately.

LivingCare water purifier

Fann Wong – Jewel Series’s brand ambassador

The water dispensers from LivingCare are sleek and minimalist, and they come in a variety of colors to complement the design of your kitchen.

The ones made by LivingCare don’t have large tanks where water is typically stored because those are more prone to contamination. Also, because they are motorless, they operate more quietly and consume less powerAlso, the dispensers automatically turn off every three minutes, saving you money on your power bill.

The sleek, lightweight designs take up minimal countertop space in the kitchen. The collection includes the Jewel series, the Pearl series, and the Ivory series to accommodate various family sizes and needs.

In keeping up with technology, LivingCare has also integrated an alarm feature with a red indicator light that turns on when it’s time to replace filters. The dispensers also include a unique auto-cleaning function that keeps everything hygienic until the next filter replacement.

Of course, the filter dispensers are not simply for plain drinking water. When you want a quick sip of water or a generously-sized drink, whether cold or hot, the Jewel series of dispensers offer seven water temperatures and in  different volumes.

Out of sight

For those who only want filtered water, LivingCare’s Undersink series, as its name implies, fits conveniently beneath the sink and filters water through five stages so that it comes out of your faucet clean and tasty water.

undersink filter system

The four-canister Undersink filter system

The Undersink is the ideal solution for individuals who do not have room on counters or just want to maintain a minimalist design because it removes carbon, undesirable compounds, and sediments through these filters. The four canisters may be placed in 30 minutes and fit almost any sink space.

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