Featured on GirlStyle: This Slim Water Dispenser Comes In Gorgeous Pastel Shades, Will Make Your BTO Kitchen Extra Chio

Singapore’s tap water is sufficiently clean to drink untreated, but having a water dispenser is always a good idea because it has additional filtration capabilities that ensure the water you’re drinking is the greatest quality possible. 

Although the majority of these kitchen gadgets are available in the traditional black, white, and grey colors, one Singaporean firm also sells them in stunning pastel hues that will give your HDB kitchen a more fashionable feel.

Water purifiers in a variety of colors

LivingCare water purifier

Jewel Series in stunning pastel hues

The manufacturer of these colorful water dispensers is a domestic company called LivingCare, which specializes in water filtration equipment. They offer several water dispenser collections, but we are head over heels for their Flamingo Pink, Powder Blue, and Seafoam Mint-colored Jewel Series, which is fittingly titled.

Water purifier suitable for kitchen area

LivingCare sleek design

Flamingo Pink design in Jewel Series

Don’t worry about the design looking bulky or taking up valuable tabletop space; these are incredibly slender at just 13 cm. You can choose between hot and cold modes on what is allegedly Singapore’s slimmest water dispenser of its kind. 

LivingCare’s Jewel water purifier

Powder Blue design in Jewel Series

Aesthetics aside, this pastel water dispenser comes with the following benefits:

  • With antioxidants, free of 99% of bacteria
  • Carbon Block Filter to remove chlorine
  • Alkaline pH for better health
  • Eco-friendly, with zero standby energy consumption
  • Child-lock safety features
  • Filter change indicator, with self-changeable filters

LivingCare is confident with smart designs and advanced features. Visit the website to discover the latest LivingCare products, or contact us to choose the right product for your family.

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