Featured on Today Online: LivingCare offers alkaline water on tap

With its tankless water dispensers and discrete under-sink water purifiers, you can get fresh-tasting, purified water.

Eight glasses a day, 70 percent of the body is water. Everyone knows math, but do they know science? The country’s raw water is piped through various waterworks to achieve drinkable tap water by testing and treating over a hundred different chemicals.

More than 450,000 water quality tests are done annually, while online sensors are used for real-time monitoring of both raw and treated water. This helps to ensure that Singapore’s water maintains both Environmental Public Health standards as well as World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

So why isn’t everyone comfortable drinking water directly from taps?

At the turn of the tap

In Singapore, collected water must go through a lengthy process of chemical treatment, filtration, and disinfection before it is deemed suitable for consumption. But, occasionally, the end pipes entering the residences may be ancient, or people with sensitive palates may feel that the taste of the tap water is a little “wrong.”

With its cutting-edge filtration technology, the range of tankless water dispensers and under-sink water purifiers from LivingCare aims to provide fresh-tasting alkaline water.

alkaline water purifier

LivingCare aims to provide fresh-tasting alkaline water

The Undersink purifier is a five-stage filtering system which is housed in four canisters and can be installed discretely beneath any sink to provide filtered water for drinking and washing.

A high-quality carbon filter first takes in hazardous organic pollutants. Next, the Nano pH+ filter increases alkalinity by adding additional layers of calcium ceramics. The Prime UF-Membrane then captures undesirable compounds, heavy metals, and microscopic pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. Lastly, the unique chlorine and organic compounds are eliminated while inhibiting bacterial development through silver elution using a silver carbon block filter in combination with a layer of sediment.

As a result, the water is tasteless and odorless.

Also unnecessary is calling a plumber. LivingCare is selling the Undersink Filtration System for S$588, which includes installation and a free stainless-steel tap.

Crystal clear waters

For those looking for countertop options, LivingCare has another solution. Two filters, the Premium Carbon and Nano pH+, are used by its sleek Jewel water dispensers to deliver the same soft, alkaline water everywhere.

The thin profile is made possible by its tankless design, which has a smaller footprint than conventional dispensers and weighs only 5.9kg. Unlike Jewel purifiers, which deliver fresh alkaline water with effective filtration, traditional dispensers hold water that is vulnerable to contamination when it becomes stagnant.

jewel series

Jewel Series has thin profile

Also, the dispenser’s auto-cleaning feature will prevent you from often replacing the filters. There is no need for a handyman; replace the old filters when the red indicator light illuminates.

The motorless build makes the dispenser a quieter machine, and when coupled with an automatic power-down feature, which saves you more money on energy bills by keeping energy consumption low.

LivingCare water purifier

Jewel Series in stunning pastel hues

Even with its compact design, the LivingCare Jewel dispenser offers several options at a push of a button. Choose from seven water temperatures to make a nice cup of coffee, formula milk, or iced tea, and make drinks in different popular volumes. The Jewel line is available in five colors: Powder Blue, Flamingo Pink, Seafoam Mint, Chiffon White, and Midnight Black

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